Campus Services

For any questions regarding our services or to book one of our studios, contact our officers by email.

DJ Services

WMHD offers DJ services for on-campus events. If you would like us to DJ at your event, please fill out our rental request and DJing services form. If DJ services are required, then WMHD Personnel will set up the equipment and play the requested music.

Equipment Rentals

WMHD has equipment available to rent for any Rose-Hulman affiliated organization or student for free. There are speakers, microphones, lighting systems, mixers, and more that can be rented. To request a rental, please fill out our rental request form.

Recording Studio

Our Recording Studio is free to rent for recording or as a practice space by any students or groups on campus. The Recording Studio is equipped with a keyboard, drum kit, and bass amp, as well as plenty of microphones, music stands, and cables.

Guitar Lessons

Learn the basics of guitar playing every Saturday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. These free lessons will get you started on electric or acoustic guitar. Contact Laya Mehra for more details.

Production Lessons

Learn to produce your own music every Saturday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm. You'll have access to our expansive software and equipment. Contact Frank Lancaster for more details.

Podcast Studio

Our Podcast Studio is free to book for recording any voice-based audio. There are high quality vocal microphones for 3 different speakers and more can be added if needed.